Tips for a new Locum Provider

Top 10 tips for Newbies:

1.       Remember you are coming into an established work place with their own flow and way of doing things.  Do not try to make others fit your style, but rather fit in with them…. but do not compromise your practice.

2.        Trust your instincts.  Different location have different “practice cultures”.  Pay attention to National Standards and remember to always do what is best for your patients.

3.        Nurses are key to a happy work place and they are invaluable.  Do what you can to help make their lives easier as much as you can.  It is a 2-way street.

4.        Work – Life balance can be tricky.  Do what you need to care for yourself physically and emotionally.  I travel with running shoes, a swim suit, TRX and yoga mat.

5.        Plan your meals.  It is easy to eat crap on the road.  I travel with a good knife, silverware and a few sizes for food storage.  If you plan ahead it is easy to stay healthy.

6.        Communicate your needs to your recruiter.  They are your best ally but they cannot help you if they do not know what you need.

7.        Set up a google calendar to help your recruiter see your availability in advance

8.        Put a copy of all you licenses, vaccine records and other documents in a Google doc (or other online document app) so that you can access them easily regardless where you are.

9.        Remember to be flexible especially with scheduling.

10.     BE KIND!!!  Travel can be tiring.  Being in multiple different work environment can be stressful, but we are all in it together.

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