My Story…….

In my mid 30’s I left my life in the mountains of Colorado, went to Physician Assistant school and embark on a new adventure. It was hard for me to wrap my brain around this career change. I had always worked seasonal jobs and I loved fluidity of my life. I was not sure how I would find the right balance.

After I graduated PA school I went to Tanzania, East Africa for a year to facilitate medical care for children without access to the necessary care. It was amazing. I was able to develop deep connections that I value greatly to this day and forever.

After returning to States I work in the Emergency Department in Detroit for a while, after which I decided I need more career development. I began an Emergency Medicine residency program in Charlotte North Carolina. By the end of the residency I program I felt the itch to be mobile again, travel and explore the various medical systems around the country before finding my home hospital.

Many thought I was crazy…. but I called it Operation Freedom. It was the best decision I had made for my life, personally. This is not a life style for everyone…. but for me, right now, it is!!