I never travel without this….and if I do I regret it almost every time

My Trusty Neti-Pot

Working in the emergency department inherently means I am around sick people most of the day. My immune system is taxed regularly. I eat a healthy diet (but let’s be real… I cheat too), I try to get enough sleep (most days), exercise and minimize my stress levels. But I am also a full time travel provider. I live on the road, in new environments all the time, in and out of hotels and on planes multiple times a month. My immune system needs all the help it can get.

My neti-pot is an awesome part of my night time routine (4-5 nights a week). I love this one because it is porcelain. I avoid plastic for many reason, but especially in this case. I have had this neti-pot for over 10 years. I can throw it in the dishwasher and wash it by hand. I swear this has helped me stay healthy during cold and flu season, allergy season (and I do not have allergies that I know of) and with all my regular plane travel.

THIS IS NOT A POST ABOUT HOW TO USE A NETI-POT. Youtube it, ask a sales person at your local health food store or talk to a friend. But do make sure you use distilled water, non-iodized salt and if you water is too cool you will feel like you are being dragged behind a boat!!

Try it for a month and you decide!!!